Chapter 190:  Garbage and Refuse
General Provisions
   190-01   Definitions
Collection and Disposal Generally
   190-15   Definitions
   190-16   Authority to collect
   190-17   Unlawful acts
   190-18   Enforcement
   190-19   Receptacles required; specifications
   190-20   Bulk rubbish
   190-21   Prohibited substances for deposit
   190-22   Condemnation and removal of receptacles
   190-23   Responsibility for damage to city owned containers
Residential Collection and Disposal
   190-35   Placing containers for pickup
   190-36   Location of city receptacles
   190-37   Refuse containers
   190-38   Upgrading service to commercial
Commercial Collection and Disposal
   190-50   Authority to contract for services and containers
   190-51   Receptacles; location
   190-52   Cleanliness
Fees and Charges
   190-65   Rates established
   190-66   When fees payable; late charges
   190-67   Fees are personal debt; collection
   190-68   Contents of notice of lien
   190-69   Fees constitute lien
   190-70   Inferiority of lien
   190-71   Formal requirements of lien; filing
   190-72   Duration of lien
   190-73   Release upon payment of lien
   190-74   Multiple liens
   190-99   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Power to provide for general welfare, see Charter Art. III, § 1
   Abate nuisances, see Charter Art. III, § 5
   Require removal of rubbish, weeds, debris from private premises, see Charter Art. III, § 6
Statutory reference:
   Solid waste management, see A.R.S. §§ 49-701 et seq.