§ 190-19  Receptacles Required; Specifications.
   (A)   Required.  It shall be the responsibility of every person, commercial or residential refuse generator to place, or cause to be placed, all refuse accumulating on the premises in suitable receptacles or containers, approved by the Director of Public Works, whether the receptacles or containers are provided by such person, a contractor, or the city.  Roll-on/roll-off containers shall not be used for collection and disposal of garbage as defined by § 190-15. ('80 Code, § 14-22)
   (B)   Specification.  All refuse receptacles and containers, approved or specified by the city shall be waterproof, equipped with fitted covers, or securely tied, as the type approved for use may require, to provide resistance to animals, insects, varmints and moisture. ('80 Code, § 14-23)
(Ord. 1417, passed 6-4-75; Ord. 2605, passed 2-3-93)  Penalty, see § 190-99