§ 190-20  Bulk Rubbish.
   (A)   Pickup.  Bulk rubbish, except for roll-on/roll-off containers, will be collected by the city.  The generator shall call the Director of Public Works for special collection of such items, and the Director of Public Works shall establish the schedule for the collection.  Bulk rubbish for special collection will be placed by the generator on the day scheduled for its collection in the alley at the rear or side of his property, or if there is no alley, at the curbline of the street fronting his property, or as directed by the Director of Public Works.  Special collection of bulky, heavy or uncontainable refuse is subject to the limitations of this subchapter, and shall be at the rate as established by resolution of the Council. ('80 Code, § 14-24)
   (B)   Oversized; overweight items.  Brush, tree trimmings, large limbs, tree trunks and stumps, all of which exceed four feet in length, two feet in diameter, or 50 pounds in weight per unit or bundle will not be collected by the city.  The generator shall reduce the size and weight of such items to the specified limits or make other arrangements for commercial or private collection and disposal. ('80 Code, § 14-25)
   (C)   Dangerous plants.  Century plants, cacti, prickly pear and similar plants hazardous to collection personnel shall be contained in lengths less than four feet, bundled and tied in protective covering, or contained in cardboard boxes. ('80 Code, § 14-26)
(Ord. 1417, passed 6-4-75; Ord. 2131, passed 6-15-83; Ord. 2605, passed 2-3-93)  Penalty, see § 190-99