§ 190-01  Definitions.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   LITTER.  Rubbish, trash, weeds, grass, refuse or other waste materials, filth and debris which if thrown, deposited or accumulated as herein prohibited shall constitute a hazard to the public health and safety.  It shall also include all putrescible and nonputrescible solid wastes, including garbage, ashes, street cleanings, dead animals and solid market and industrial wastes and combustible and non-combustible wastes including paper, wrappings, cigarettes, cardboard, tin cans, construction materials, discarded household furniture and appliances, abandoned vehicles or parts thereof, yard clippings, leaves, wood, glass, bedding, crockery and any other accumulation of wastes, filth or debris.
   PRIVATE PREMISES.  Any private property, including vacant land, a dwelling, house, building or other structure, designed or used either wholly or in part for private residential purposes, or for commercial use whether inhabited or temporarily or continuously uninhabited or vacant, and shall include any tract, lot, yard, grounds, walk, driveway, porch, steps or vestibules belonging or appurtenant to such vacant land, dwelling, house, building or other structures.
   PUBLIC PLACE.  Any and all streets, sidewalks, boulevards, alleys or other public ways, and any and all public parks, squares, spaces, grounds and buildings.
('80 Code, § 14-1)  (Ord. 1170, passed 10-15-69)