§ 190-22  Condemnation and Removal of Receptacles.
   All privately owned containers, stands, racks, enclosures, or receptacles in the alley not of an approved type or that are no longer sanitary or are hazardous to handle, shall be condemned by the Director of Public Services.  A tag shall be affixed with the date of the action and a listing, of the reasons for the condemnation.  If the container, stand, rack, enclosure or receptacle is not removed from service by the owner within seven days of notice of condemnation, the city shall remove and destroy the receptacle.  The property owner may make a request to the Sanitation Division for hearing within the seven-day period objecting to the condemnation and upon such request a hearing shall be held before the Sanitation Superintendent.
('80 Code, § 14-28)  (Ord. 2131, passed 6-15-83; Ord. 2266, passed 6-5-85)