§ 190-37  Refuse Containers.
   (A)   New subdivisions.  It shall be the responsibility of the owner or developer of all new subdivisions and developments within the city to provide at his expense the required number and type of refuse containers as determined and approved by the Director of Public Services, to facilitate maximum estimated occupancy of the development, and said refuse containers shall become the property of the city. ('80 Code, § 14-40)
   (B)   Privately owned weight.  Residential refuse generators, not equipped or utilizing city-owned containers, shall place containable refuse and rubbish in cardboard boxes and/or containers approved by the city which shall not exceed a gross weight of 50 pounds shall be suitable and safe for handling by collection personnel. ('80 Code, § 14-41)
   (C)   City-owned; weight.  To ensure optimal use of the city-owned containers and the ancillary equipment used therewith, the contents of the individual containers shall not exceed 500 pounds weight limit. ('80 Code, § 14-42)
   (D)   Cleanliness.  Each residential refuse generator is responsible for maintenance of the sanitary condition of containers. ('80 Code, § 14-43)
(Ord. 1417, passed 6-4-75; Ord. 2131, passed 6-15-83)  Penalty, see § 190-99