§ 190-51  Receptacles; Location.
   Commercial refuse generators shall provide suitable and sufficient storage facilities for refuse receptacles and shall provide unobstructed access for the collection vehicle.  Commercial refuse generators shall include in any development, reconstruction, remodeling, or site modifications, provisions for refuse receptacle storage and collection facilities conforming to city specifications for such facilities.  These provisions shall include location of the storage facility upon the generator's property with adequate access for collection vehicles.  This facility may be screened, but if visible from a road, street, parking area, or any other area in use by the general public, such facility shall be in an enclosure in accordance with city specifications for refuse enclosures.  Refuse collection services will be provided only within the approved area or enclosure, and such facility shall not be used for any other purpose.  Refuse generators shall keep the area or enclosure clean and free of spillage or accumulated material, and in good repair and operating condition.
('80 Code, § 14-57)  (Ord. 1417, passed 6-4-75; Ord. 2531, passed 8-21-91)  Penalty, see § 190-99