Police Department
   33.01   Establishment
   33.02   Classification; order of authority
   33.03   Salaries
   33.04   Police Pension Fund
   33.05   Police reserve officer
Fire Department
   33.15   Establishment
   33.16   Classification; order of authority
   33.17   Salaries
   33.18   Retirement; physical examinations
   33.19   Firemen's Pension Fund
   33.20   Powers of Fire Chief at scene of fire
Police Merit System
   33.30   Purpose
   33.31   Civil service commission; members; appointment; requisites; terms
   33.32   Nomination of member of commission by membership of police department; procedure
   33.33   Members of commission; ineligibility of public employees; oath; compensation
   33.34   Member of commission; vacancies; removal; quorum
   33.35   Commission; meetings; majority votes; officers; record of proceedings
   33.36   Appointments, promotions, and demotions; performance ratings; rules and regulations; review
   33.37   Probationary period for promotions; rating report; review; appeal
   33.38   Initial promotions to any rank; examination; time of service; exceptions
   33.39   Promotions; required rank; time of service; acting rank; rules and regulations to be furnished to department members; rules and regulations hand book; amendments to rules and regulations
   33.40   Promotional schools; examinations; eligibility list
   33.41   Instructors and instructional materials and equipment; other employees
   33.42   Power of appointment and removal of department members; rank of chief upon expiration of term
   33.43   Appointment to department; qualifications; application for appointment or reappointment; preliminary examination; rating of applicants; eligibility list; appointments probationary; prerequisites for attainment of regular employment
   33.44   Solicitation for favored appointment or reinstatement; ineligibility; Commissioner or member aiding any applicant
   33.45   Dismissals, suspensions and punishments by commission
   33.46   Policemen's school; course of instruction and training
   33.47   Reprimands and suspensions by chief
   33.48   Mandatory retirement age
   33.49   Reduction of force in number; temporary leave of absence without pay; reinstatement; return from disability leave
Police Reserves
   33.55   Establishment
   33.56   Appointment
   33.57   Authority
Shared Police and Fire Benefits
   33.65   Survivors benefits