General Provisions
   154.001   Title
   154.002   Authorization and application
   154.003   Purpose and scope
   154.004   Interpretation
   154.005   Forms and fees
   154.006   Definitions
Establishment of Districts
   154.020   Classification of districts
   154.021   Official zoning map
   154.022   Application of zoning district regulations
Site Design
   154.035   Purpose
   154.036   Evaluation of site development plans
   154.037   Site development plan review procedures
   154.038   Preliminary site development plan requirements
   154.039   Final site plan requirements
   154.040   Compliance with site development plans
Review Criteria and Requirements
   154.055   Generally
   154.056   Temporary use criteria and requirements
   154.057   Conditional use criteria and requirements
   154.058   Variances
   154.059   Non-conforming uses
   154.060   Legislative amendments to the Zoning Chapter
   154.061   Quasi-judicial zone district changes
   154.062   Appeals
Application and Review Procedures
   154.075   Type A procedure (department)
   154.076   Type B procedure (Planning and Zoning)
   154.077   Type C procedure (Commission)
Natural Resources District
   154.090   Agricultural Preservation District (AP)
   154.091   Mineral Resource District (MR)
   154.092   Parks, Recreation, Open Space District (PRO)
   154.093   Outland District (OD)
Residential Districts
   154.105   Rural Residential Districts (RR-1, RR-2)
   154.106   Suburban Residential Districts (SR)
Commercial Districts
   154.120   Neighborhood Commercial District (C-1)
   154.121   Community Commercial District (C-2)
Industrial Districts
   154.135   Resource Industrial District (I-1)
   154.136   Light/General Industrial District (I-2)
   154.137   Heavy Industrial District (I-3)
Overlay Districts
   154.150   Floodplain Overlay District (FP)
   154.151   Wireless Communication Facilities Overlay District (WCF)
   154.152   Planned Development District (PD)
   154.153   Airport Encroachment Overlay District (AEOD)
   154.154   Historical Overlay Zoning District (HOD)
Requirements for Specific Uses in All Zones
   154.165   Generally
   154.166   Signs
   154.167   Landscaping
   154.168   Home occupations
   154.169   Day care facilities
   154.170   Solid waste disposal facilities
   154.171   Recreational vehicle (RV) parks
   154.172   Manufactured and mobile home standards
   154.173   Mobile home parks
   154.174   Parking
   154.999   Penalty