§ 154.005  FORMS AND FEES.
   (A)   Forms.
      (1)   Petitions, applications and appeals provided for in this chapter shall be made on forms prescribed by the Department.
      (2)   Applications shall be accompanied by plans and specifications, drawn to scale, showing the area and dimensions of the parcel to be used or developed; the sizes and locations on the parcel of existing and proposed structures; the intended use of each structure; the number of dwelling units, if any, to be accommodated thereon; the relationship of the lot or site to adjacent and surrounding lands; and other information as is needed to determine compliance with this chapter.
   (B)   Filing fees.
      (1)   For the purpose of defraying expenses involved in processing applications, fees shall be paid to the Department in favor of Valencia County upon the filing of an application.
      (2)   The fees and the amounts thereof shall be established by resolution of the Commission.
      (3)   All fees shall be non-refundable except when an application is withdrawn or deferred prior to the preparation, publication and issuance of any public hearing notice.
      (4)   Refunds shall be made at the authorization of the Commission.
      (5)   Upon recommendation from the Department or the hearings body or upon its own
motion, the Commission may waive, for just cause, any filing fee established by this chapter.
(Ord. 2004-05, passed 9-15-2004)