(A)   Standards and requirements.  The following standards and requirements shall apply to all applications to site a solid waste disposal facility.
      (1)   The application shall be processed pursuant to § 154.077 Type C procedures.
      (2)   The application shall include a written justification for the request pursuant to the conditional use provisions of § 154.057.
      (3)   The application shall include a preliminary site plan pursuant to §§ 154.035et seq., site design review.
      (4)   The application shall include information as needed to determine potential effect:
         (a)   Birds attracted to the site might have on full-service or limited use airports or approach patterns;
         (b)   Leachate might have on area aquifers or recharge areas;
         (c)   The operation might have on or how it might be affected by area floodplains, and other ground and surface water conditions, and geological/soil characteristics;
         (d)   The operation might have on or be affected by site vegetation, wildlife habitat or other environmental, archeological, historical or similar resource considerations; and
         (e)   The operation might have on surrounding land uses within 1/2 mile of the disposal operation.
      (5)   Provisions shall be made to insure that site access and roadway conditions are adequate for the traffic to the site.
      (6)   (a)   The operational plan shall be approved by the appropriate state and United States agencies and will be reviewed by the county to ensure that all local compatibility issues are resolved.
         (b)   The operational plan shall include but not be limited to the following provisions:
            1.   Site analysis;
            2.   Volume/capacity analysis;
            3.   Waste stream/refuse generator analysis; and
            4.   Operational financial analysis.
   (B)   Final site design review and operational requirements.  The applicant shall provide the following.
      (1)   A final site plan in accordance with the provisions of §§ 154.035et seq. of the Zoning Chapter, together with the following:
         (a)   Site operational provisions in an outlined format that indicates both work to be performed and frequency of application;
         (b)   Financial data demonstrating ability to complete the work; and
         (c)   Evidence of bond ability to 150% of the proposed site development costs and operational cost for a 1 year period.
      (2)   Evidence of New Mexico Environmental Department review and preliminary site approval for a solid waste disposal facility.
      (3)   Any other information or provisions as are required as a condition of preliminary approval.
(Ord. 2004-05, passed 9-15-2004)  Penalty, see § 154.999
   Solid waste as a public nuisance, see § 92.24
   Solid waste management, see Ch. 50