§ 154.167  LANDSCAPING.
   (A)   When required.  Landscaping is required in all commercial and industrial districts, and may be required by other provisions of this chapter, or as mitigating requirements for privacy, visual screening, sound deadening, appearance enhancement or other purposes determined desirable by the Department, P&Z or Commission, for the purpose of ensuring compatibility of the proposed use with that of existing and anticipated future uses in the vicinity.
   (B)   Plan requirements; agreement on plan.
      (1)   Landscape plans with explanatory notes shall accompany all applications for building permits in commercial and industrial districts, all other site design plans and as otherwise may be required by this chapter.
      (2)   At the time as the design is agreed upon by the applicant and the Department, both shall sign the site design, attesting to that agreement.
      (3)   Landscape plans shall be drawn to a scale of 1 inch equals 20 feet or other scale approved by the Department as being appropriate to accurately depict the following.
         (a)   Location and dimensions for existing and proposed structures and roadway entrances onto the site upon which development is being proposed.
         (b)   Existing trees 6 inches or larger in a diameter at 4 feet above grade, including trees proposed to be removed, and existing shrubs or other plant materials to be retained.
         (c)   Type, size and location of trees, shrubs, and other plant materials proposed to be
planted, the schedule for planting, and the method and layout of the irrigation system to be installed.
         (d)   Type, height and location of all fencing, trash collection areas, free-standing lighting and signage proposed.  Unless otherwise provided, the plan shall include a drawing of the signage with dimensions of the size, shape and height thereof. Signage shall be in accord with § 154.166 of this chapter.
         (e)   Traffic circulation and parking space layout/design including a cross-section or description of materials to be used in all the areas; and sidewalks, walkways and other pedestrian improvements, e.g., benches, recreation equipment and the like.
   (C)   Standards and requirements.
      (1)   A minimum area of 30 feet in depth measured from any property line abutting a residentially planned or zone-designated area, whenever the property is within 60 feet  of an off-site residence.
      (2)   A minimum area of 10 feet in depth along all other property lines, except as the Department may determine unnecessary.
      (3)   Adjacent to a state highway, a berm of not more than 18 inches in height above natural grade, and at least 6 feet in width shall be constructed.  The berm shall be located entirely on the applicant's property and be planted with a combination of trees, shrubs, grass and/or ground cover.  The berm shall not exceed a height of 2 feet at any street intersection or other vehicular access clear vision area.
      (4)   Plantings shall comply with clear-vision requirements at all intersections and access locations onto public roads.  All entrances from public roads or streets shall be designed for safe entry and exit, and landscaped 5 feet wide for a depth of 20 feet onto the property.
   (D)   Implementation.  Completion of all landscape plans shall be assured as follows.
      (1)   In the event landscaping is not completed prior to final land use approval or at the time of the request for a development permit, the applicant may post a surety bond or provide other financial assurances, equal to 125% of the estimated cost of materials and installation, or may enter into other implementation agreements as are approved by the Department.
      (2)   Final approval of any land use application or release of any surety for completion of landscaping shall not occur until a final landscape inspection, and a plan completion sign-off has been made by the Department.  Any portion of the landscaping not completed in accordance with the approved landscaping plan shall be cause for the plan not to be signed and/or cause for the surety to be used by the county to complete the installation.
      (3)   At the time as the landscape improvements have been completed in accordance with the approved plan, the applicant shall notify the Department thereof, and upon satisfactory inspection, the Director shall sign and date the plan, attesting to its completion.
(Ord. 2004-05, passed 9-15-2004)  Penalty, see § 154.999