For the purpose of this chapter, the unincorporated area of Valencia County New Mexico is hereby divided into the following zoning districts:
   (A)   Natural Resources Districts.
      (1)   Agricultural Preservation District (AP).
      (2)   Mineral Resource District (MR).
      (3)   Parks, Recreation, Open Spaces District (PRO).
      (4)   Outland District (OD).
   (B)   Residential Districts.
      (1)   Rural Residential Districts (RR-1, RR-2).
      (2)   Suburban Residential District (SR).
   (C)   Commercial Districts.
      (1)   Neighborhood Commercial District (C-1).
      (2)   Community Commercial District (C-2).
   (D)   Industrial Districts.
      (1)   Resource Industrial District (I-1).
      (2)   Light/ General Industrial District (I-2).
      (3)   Heavy Industrial District (I-3).
   (E)   Overlay Districts.
      (1)   Floodplain Overlay District (FP).
      (2)   Wireless Communications Facilities Overlay District (WCF).
      (3)   Planned Development District (PD).
(Ord. 2004-05, passed 9-15-2004)