The maximum height and minimum lot requirements within the RR rural residential district shall be as follows.
   (a)   General requirements.
All Uses
1 acre*
Front yard
30 feet**
Lot area
1 acre*
Lot width
125 feet
Maximum height
35 feet
Rear yard
30 feet
Side yard
7 feet
*   Where a central sanitary sewer is available, the required lot area may be reduced to 20,000 square feet.
**   The front yard on all major arterial streets or section line roads shall be 50 feet.
   (b)   There shall be a required front yard on each street of a double frontage lot.
   (c)   Buildings with side yard setbacks less than required herein, may have additions erected in line with the existing building and provided further that the additions will be erected no closer to the lot line than the existing building.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 4.08)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)