§ 158.310  INTENT.
   (a)   These regulations provide standards for the erection and maintenance of private signs. The principal feature of this section is the restriction on the total sign area permissible per site. All private signs shall be erected and maintained in accordance with the following standards.
   (b)   The general objectives of these standards are to promote health, safety, welfare and in part to achieve the following:
      (1)   Safety. To promote the safety of persons and property by providing that signs:
         A.   Do not create a hazard due to collapse, fire, collision, decay or abandonment; and
         B.   Do not create traffic hazards by confusing or distracting motorists, or by impairing the driver’s ability to see pedestrians, obstacles or other vehicles, or to see and interpret any official traffic sign, signal or device.
      (2)   Communications efficiency. To promote the efficient transfer of information by providing that:
         A.   Businesses and services may identify themselves;
         B.   Customers and persons may locate a business or service; and
         C.   No person or group is arbitrarily denied the use of the sight line from public rights-of-way for communication purposes.
      (3)   Landscape quality and preservation. To protect the public welfare and to enhance the appearance and economic value of the landscape by providing that signs:
         A.   Do not create a nuisance to persons using the public rights-of-way; and
         B.   Do not constitute a nuisance to occupancy of adjacent and contiguous property by their brightness, size, height or movement.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 17.01)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)