A building or premises may be used for the following purposes in the RR rural residential district in conformance with the conditions prescribed therein or by obtaining a conditional use permit for the use in conformance with the requirements of §§ 158.370 through 158.382:
   (a)   Church, subject to, the building being adjacent to an arterial or collector street;
   (b)   Elementary and high school, subject to:
      (1)   One of the principal frontages of the premises shall abut upon an arterial or collector street; and
      (2)   The main building shall be set back 25 feet from the side lot line.
   (c)   Private park, playground or swimming pool; and
   (d)   Antenna support structure, subject to, stealth design approved by the county planning director.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 4.03)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)