The commission on human relations shall:
   (a)   Seek to prevent and eliminate bias and discrimination because of race, color, sex, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, familial status or disability by means of education, persuasion, conciliation and enforcement, and utilize all the powers at its disposal to carry into execution the provisions of this chapter;
   (b)   Conduct or direct a program of research and study for the purpose of ascertaining how the objectives of this chapter may best be attained and sustained;
   (c)   Disseminate the results of the research and studies;
   (d)   Advise the mayor, the city council and departments or agencies of government with respect to matters relating to the commission’s purposes;
   (e)   Cooperate with and seek to advise and coordinate the activities of persons or groups interested in the objectives of this chapter;
   (f)   Receive or, on the basis of its own information, initiate complaints alleging discrimination and conduct those investigations and inquiries as may reasonably appear necessary to find the facts with respect thereto;
   (g)   Conduct public meetings and hearings, gather and disseminate information to governmental agencies and to the public;
   (h)   Utilize the records and services of municipal, state and federal governmental departments and agencies to the extent permitted by law, and pursuant to agreement with departments and agencies may refer matters for preliminary inquiry, conciliation, hearings and findings;
   (i)   Furnish to any appropriate state or federal agency having jurisdiction in the premises a transcript of the proceedings and findings in any case in which a court of competent jurisdiction or the commission has, after hearings, found that any person has unlawfully discriminated; and
   (j)   Execute programs of compliance review designed to determine whether persons who contract with the city are observing the terms of this chapter; and to that end the commission shall have power to require the persons to submit periodic reports concerning hiring, compensation, promotion and discharge policies and the racial, religious, and national composition of their work forces as they shall deem necessary, and failure to provide the information shall constitute grounds for the city to revoke any contract in effect between the city and the person so failing to comply.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 2.1806; 1972 Code, § 13-28; 1992 Code, § 21.5-28) (Ord. 2700, passed 8-17-1970; Ord. 52-73, passed 6-25-1973)