111.001   Definitions
   111.002   Classifications and fees
   111.003   On-sale dealers
   111.004   License application requirements
   111.005   Annual reports
   111.006   License renewals
   111.007   Only retail, on-sale service permitted
   111.008   Smoking prohibited
   111.009   Full-service restaurant license fees
   111.010   Registry of full-service restaurant on-sale licenses
   111.011   Issuance of new full-service restaurant licenses restricted
   111.012   [Repealed]
   111.012.1   Off-sale dealer liquor license sale and application procedure
   111.012.2   [Repealed]
   111.013   Off-sale dealers
   111.014   Convention facility on-sale licenses
   111.014.1   On-sale dealer liquor licenses for city-owned facilities
   111.014.2   Municipal golf course on-sale licenses
   111.015   [Repealed]
   111.015.1   On-sale dealer liquor license sale and application procedure
   111.015.2   [Repealed]
   111.016   Traffic in alcoholic beverages
   111.017   Unlicensed business prohibited
   111.018   Unlawful to violate liquor laws
   111.019   Place of business of licensee
   111.020   Closing of premises of public facility on-sale and malt beverage retail dealers
   111.021   Restrictions on issuance of wine and malt beverage retailer licenses
   111.022   Restrictions on issuance of malt beverage and wine licenses
   111.023   Consumption on public streets or alleys
   111.024   Persons to whom sale prohibited
   111.025   Management plan required for reapplication after conviction
   111.026   Purchase and use by persons under 21
   111.027   [Repealed]
   111.028   Indecent exposure or simulation thereof prohibited
   111.029   [Repealed]
   111.030   Video lottery machine licenses
   111.031   Number of video lottery machine placements authorized
   111.032   Video lottery placement application procedure
   111.033   Procedure for additional video lottery machine placements
   111.034   Applicability; effective date
   Advertising, see ch. 97
   Alcoholic beverages in parks, see § 95.029
   Amusements, see ch. 113
   Food and food handlers, see ch. 112
   Licenses, see ch. 110
   Signs and outdoor advertising, see ch. 155
   Traffic code, see title VII
   Unsealed container of alcoholic beverage in vehicle, see § 76.088
   Zoning, see ch. 160