§ 97.039  SOUND TRUCKS.
   (a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or cause to be operated upon the streets or public places in the city a sound truck with sound amplifying equipment in operation.
   (b)   The term SOUND TRUCK as used in this section, means any vehicle having thereon or attached thereto any sound amplifying equipment.
   (c)   The term SOUND AMPLIFYING EQUIPMENT as used in this section, means any machine or device for the amplification of the human voice, music or any other sound, but shall not include radios or warning devices on authorized vehicles or horns or other warning devices on vehicles used for traffic warning purposes.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 8.505; 1992 Code, § 3-38)  (Ord. 2468, passed 2-13-1967)  Penalty, see § 10.999
   Noise control, see §§ 93.001 through 93.011