15.24.140   Right of access to premises.
   A.   The building inspector, any member of the city council, the surety, and the duly authorized representatives of either, shall have access to the premises described in the housemoving permit for the purpose of inspecting the progress of the work.
   B.   In the event of any default in the performance of any term or condition of the housemoving permit with reference to the relocation of a structure, the surety or any person employed or engaged on its behalf, or the building inspector or any person employed or engaged on his behalf, or any member of the city council shall have the right to go upon the premises to complete the required work or to remove or demolish the building or structure.
   C.   It is unlawful for the owner or his representatives, successors, or assigns, or any other person, to interfere with or obstruct the ingress to or egress from any such premises of any authorized representative or agent of any surety or of the city engaged in the work of completing, demolishing, or removing any building or structure for which a housemoving permit has been issued, after a default has occurred in the performance of the terms or conditions thereof.
(Prior code § 14.24.060(F) (Ord. 387 § 6(f), 1954))