15.24.100   Bond--Required--Amount.
   A.   Anything in this chapter to the contrary notwithstanding, no housemoving permit shall be issued unless the applicant therefor shall first post with the building inspector a bond executed by the owner of the premises where the building or structure is to be located, as principal, and by a surety company authorized to do business in this state, as surety. Such bond shall be subject to the approval of the city attorney as to form and, in the event of such approval, shall be filed with the building inspector.
   B.   The bond, which shall be in form joint and several, shall name the city as obligee, and shall be in an amount equal to twice the cost of the work required to be done in order to comply with all of the conditions of the housemoving permit, as estimated by the building inspector, and not less than two thousand five hundred dollars.
   C.   In lieu of a surety bond, the applicant may post a bond executed by the owner, as principal, which is secured by a deposit of cash in the amount named in subsection B of this section and conditioned as required in the case of a surety bond. Such a bond as so executed is called a "cash bond" for the purpose of this section.
(Prior code § 14.24.060(A) (Ord. 387 § 6(a), 1954))