15.24.120   Bond--Defaults.
   A.   Whenever the building inspector finds that a default has occurred in the performance of any term or condition of any permit, written notice thereof shall be given to the principal and to the surety on the bond. Such notice shall state the work to be done, the estimated cost thereof and the period of time deemed by the building inspector to be reasonably necessary for the completion of such work.
   B.   After receipt of such notice the surety must, within the time therein specified, either cause the required work to be performed or, failing therein, must pay over to the building inspector twice the estimated cost of doing the work, as set forth in the notice. Upon the receipt of such money, the city shall proceed, by such mode as it deems convenient to cause the required work to be performed and completed, but no liability shall be incurred therein other than for the expenditure of the sum of money in hand therefor.
   C.   If a cash bond has been posted, notice of default as provided in subsection A of this section shall be given to the principal and, if compliance is not had within the time specified, the city shall proceed without delay and without further notice of proceedings whatever, to use the cash deposit, or any portion of such deposit, to cause the required work to be done, by contract or otherwise, in the discretion of the city. The balance, if any, of such cash deposit shall, upon the completion of the work, be returned to the depositor or to his successors or assigns after deducting the cost of the work, plus twenty-five percent to cover cost of supervision and direction of work of completion.
   D.   When any default has occurred on the part of the principal under the preceding provisions of this section, the surety shall have the option, in lieu of completing the work required, to demolish the building or structure, and to clear, clean and restore the site within ninety days of the default. If the surety defaults, the city shall have the same option.
(Prior code § 14.24.060(C), (D) (Ord. 387 § 6(c), (d), 1954))