15.24.050   Permit--Application contents.
   A.   Attached to the building permit shall be a sketch of the building as it will look when finally placed upon the location to which it is proposed to be moved, showing the landscaping that will be done and, if the building is in need of painting, the permit shall prescribe the number of coats to be applied of first-class paint. The permit shall also state the required redecorating to be done on the inside; the type, kind, and quality of plumbing to be installed; the remodeling, if any, to be done on the inside; and, if the roof requires replacing, the type and kind of roofing material that will be required to be made; and in addition to the foundation, the permit shall state the type and kind of driveway to be installed to the garage, if any, and the walkway to the house; the type and kind of steps or porch to be built both in front and back; electric wiring, and such other requirements as the building inspector may require in order to bring the house up to the standards of a first-class building, both in structure and appearance. If there is a garage in connection with the house, the permit shall also specify the same general requirements as set forth for the house. The improvements outlined in this section shall be completed within ninety days after the date of the issuance of the housemoving permit.
   B.   The applicant for a moving permit shall, at the time of making the application, file with the building inspector a full and complete certified copy of the building permit issued for the erection of the building at the time of the original construction. No permit shall be issued if the building is over ten years of age unless approved by the city council.
(Ord. 72-7-688 § 1: prior code § 14.24.020(a) (Ord. 387 § 2(a), 1954))