15.24.090   Hearing on permit issuance--Effective term.
   A.   The building inspector shall set a time for a public hearing before the city council at a date not earlier than three days, nor later than the next regular meeting of the city council, and shall cause a notice to be printed in the Signal Hill Tribune advising the general public of the date and place of the hearing.
   B.   The public works committee of the city council shall, prior to the time set for the public hearing, examine the building, its proposed route and proposed new location and, after public hearing, the city council shall either order the application denied, or order the permit granted. Such decision shall be final.
   C.   Permits issued under the authority of this section are effective for sixty days after issuance, and void thereafter.
(Prior code § 14.24.050 (Ord. 387 § 5, 1954))