15.24.070   Certification of approval by adjacent property owners.
   A.   Any person desiring such a permit shall make a written application therefor to the building inspector. The application shall include the information that must be stated in the permit as more fully set forth in Section 15.24.040.
   B.   Any person desiring a permit shall present a written instrument signed by fifty-one percent of the property owners on both sides of the street within three hundred feet of the proposed location to which it is proposed to move the house, which instrument shall substantially state as follows:
      "We, the undersigned property owners in the City of Signal Hill, do hereby certify that            has notified each of us that it is his intention to make application to the City of Signal Hill for a permit to move the house and garage, if any, now located at number          on          Street or Avenue, in the City of            , California, to number        on          Street or Avenue, in the City of Signal Hill, which said location is within 300 feet of our respective properties."
   The written statement shall be verified by the person circulating the instrument as follows:
               ) ss.
      "I,        , a citizen of            , California, do hereby certify that I circulated the above instrument and personally saw subscribed thereto all the names which appear thereon and know that each of them subscribed their names thereto voluntarily and without any coercion on my part, and that I fully informed them of the fact that it was my intention to move the building as stated therein.
   "SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me  this            day of            , 19    .
            Notary Public in and
            for the County of
            Los Angeles, State
            of California"
   C.   The signed statement outlined in subsection B of this section shall be presented to the building inspector at the time of making application for moving permit.
(Prior code § 14.24.030 (Ord. 387 § 3, 1954))