15.24.060   Permit--Grounds for denial--Issuance terms.
   A.   No permit shall be issued to move and relocate any building or structure within the city which is so constructed or in such condition as to be dangerous; or which is infested with pests or is unsanitary; or which, if it is a dwelling or habitation, is unfit for human habitation; or which is so dilapidated, defective, unsightly or is in such a condition of deterioration or disrepair that its location at the proposed site would cause appreciable harm to or be materially detrimental to the property or improvements on both sides of the street within three hundred feet of the proposed location; or if the proposed use is prohibited by the zoning laws of the city; or if the structure is of a type otherwise prohibited at the proposed location by any other law or ordinance; or if the proposed moving or relocation would violate any other law or code or violate or disturb the public safety, welfare or peace.
   B.   If the condition of the building or structure, in the reasonable judgment of the building inspector, admits of practical and effective repair and its proposed moving or relocation does not violate any law or ordinance, the inspector may issue a permit for such moving and relocation upon condition as provided in this chapter and complying with other provisions of this chapter. The building inspector shall, in granting any permit, impose thereon such terms and conditions as he may deem reasonable and proper, including, but not limited to, the requirements of changes, alterations, additions, or repairs to be made to or upon the building or structures, set forth in Section 15.24.040 to the end that the moving or relocation thereof will not be materially detrimental or injurious to public safety or to public welfare or to the property and improvements, or either, in the area, as limited in this section, to which it is to be moved.
   C.   The terms and conditions upon which any permit may be granted shall be written upon the permit or attached in writing thereto.
(Prior code § 14.24.020(b) (Ord. 387 § 2 (b), 1954))