850.01   Definitions
   850.02   Certificate of necessity and license to operate required
   850.03   Application for certificate of necessity
   850.04   Public hearing on application for certificate
   850.05   Issuance of certificate
   850.06   Application for license to operate
   850.07   Rules and regulations
   850.08   Liability insurance
   850.09   Issuance of license to operate; effective period
   850.10   Operator's license fee
   850.11   Suspension or revocation of certificates and licenses
   850.12   Requirements for drivers
   850.13   Rates of fare
   850.14   Employment of unlicensed drivers prohibited
   850.15   Appeals from decisions to revoke certificates or licenses
   850.16   Appellate procedure
   850.99   Penalty
   Bus stops and taxicab stands, see § 452.11
   Motor vehicle equipment, see Ch. 438
   Operation of motor vehicles generally, see Chs. 432, 434
Statutory reference:
   Chauffeur's license not required, see R.C. § 4501.01(X), (Y)
   Operation by minor prohibited, see R.C. § 4507.321
   Power to establish stands and fix rates, see R.C. § 715.25
   Power to regulate, see R.C. §§ 715.22, 715.66