For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   (a)   "Director." The Director of Public Safety of the city.
   (b)   "Driver." Every person actually in charge of the operation as the chauffeur of a public vehicle, whether as owner, agent, servant or employee of the owner.
   (c)   "Owner." Any person who has control or direction of operation or maintenance of a public vehicle, or who receives the benefit of the collection of revenue derived from the operation of a public vehicle on or over the streets of the city, whether as owner, licensee, bailee or otherwise, except a driver.
   (d)   "Public vehicle." Every vehicle for the common carriage and conveyance of passengers for hire, except motor buses and motor vehicles used solely for funerals, weddings and christenings.
   (e)   "Taxicab." Every public vehicle equipped with or without a taximeter, used for the transportation for hire of not more than five passengers at any one time, for which public patronage is solicited in whole or in part upon the streets or in quasi-public places.
(Ord. 34-47, passed 10-6-1947)