(a)   Any person desiring a certificate of necessity shall file with the Director of Public Safety a written application therefor, on a form to be provided by the city. The application shall be in affidavit form and shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The full name, age and residence of the applicant, and, if the applicant is a partnership, the full name, age and residence of each of the partners, and, if the applicant is a corporation, the full name of the corporation, together with the full name of its principal officers;
      (2)   The name under which the applicant will do business;
      (3)   The type of vehicle which is proposed to be used in the service, with information as to the age, carrying capacity and motor power of the same and the color scheme and local symbols to be used, together with all other lettering or marks proposed to be used by the applicant on the vehicle;
      (4)   The number of vehicles proposed to be used, the rate of fare to be charged and the method of charging the same;
      (5)   A statement that the applicant is capable of and will carry liability insurance as hereinafter provided for;
      (6)   Information as to the applicant's financial responsibility or fitness, as may be required by the Director or Council;
      (7)   A schedule of rates of fare to be charged for service within the city; and
      (8)   Such other information as the Director or Council may require.
   (b)   The application shall be filed with a fee of $10 to cover the cost of investigating the application, serving notice of a public hearing and granting or refusing to grant the certificate.
(Ord. 34-47, passed 10-6-1947)