(a)   The holder of a certificate of necessity issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter may apply to the Director of Public Safety for a license to operate any public vehicle that comes within the scope of the certificate. The application shall be in writing and shall state the full name and address of the owner of the public vehicle and also of the applicant; the trade name under which the applicant does or will do business; the type of vehicle for which the license is desired; the length of time the vehicle has been in use; the number of persons the vehicle is capable of carrying; the motor power, design and color scheme of the vehicle; and the local symbol used or proposed to be used, together with all other lettering or marks used or proposed to be used by the applicant on the vehicle. The granting of a license to operate shall be conditioned upon the maintenance by the applicant of speed governors, set at a maximum of 45 miles per hour, on a majority of the vehicles covered by the applicant and being operated by the applicant under prior licenses.
   (b)   The Director may require additional information as to the financial responsibility and fitness of management, of officers and of stockholders of the applicant, and such other information as he or she may desire. The application, together with any statements of further information required by the Director, shall have affixed thereto an affidavit duly sworn to by the applicant.
(Ord. 34-47, passed 10-6-1947)