City Council Members
   6-1-1   City Council member-elect; qualifications; assumption of office
   6-1-2   Office; surrender to City Council member-elect; when
   6-1-3   City Council member; City Council member-elect; office; report of surrender; assumption; change of roll
   6-1-4   Salary
   6-1-5   City Council member; conflict of interest; exemption
   6-1-6    – 6-1-10Reserved
City Council Meetings
   6-1-11   Council meetings; place
   6-1-12   Same; regular; time
   6-1-13   Special meetings; procedure for calling
   6-1-14   Notice; publication; broadcast
   6-1-15   Same; service upon City Council
   6-1-16   Same; content
   6-1-17   Same; certificate of publication, broadcast, and delivery
   6-1-17.1   Emergency meetings; procedure
   6-1-18   Agenda; availability
   6-1-19   Same; certificate
   6-1-20   Regular and special meetings; adjournment
   6-1-21   Quorum; continuance; compelling attendance
   6-1-22   Roll call; call to order; presiding officer
   6-1-23   Order of business; general
   6-1-24   Order of business; referring back
   6-1-25   Order; preservation; questions of
   6-1-26   City Council member; speaking
   6-1-27   Speaker; recognition
   6-1-28   Motion; second; statement
   6-1-29   Resolution; motion; writing
   6-1-30   Resolution; motion; mover
   6-1-31   Motion; privileged
   6-1-32   Blanks; form of questions
   6-1-33   City Council member; leaving room
   6-1-34   Voting; when required
   6-1-35   Ordinance; resolution; motion; withdrawal
   6-1-36   Vote; yeas; nays
   6-1-37   Motion; to reconsider
   6-1-38   City Council member; reprimand or censure
   6-1-39   Rules; suspension
   6-1-40   Rules; Robert’s Rules of Order
   6-1-41    – 6-1-44Reserved
Ordinances, Resolutions, and Orders
   6-1-45   Ordinances, resolutions, and orders; passage; requisites
   6-1-46   Ordinances; reading; vote record
   6-1-47    – 6-1-50Reserved
   6-1-51   Mayor; signature; oaths
   6-1-52   Fines; penalties; remit; reprieve; pardon; Mayor; power
   6-1-53   Mayor; other duties
   6-1-54   Repealed
Statutory reference:
   City Council, see Neb. RS 16-401 et seq. and 19-611 et seq.