9.08.010: Definitions
9.08.020: Salt Lake Valley Health Department Powers
9.08.030: City Collection Service
9.08.040: Refuse Enterprise Fund
9.08.050: Vehicles; Approval By Salt Lake Valley Health Department
9.08.060: Vehicles; Covering Of Contents
9.08.070: Container Specifications
9.08.080: Containers For All Collection Services
9.08.090: Collection Time; Placement Of Containers
9.08.095: Allowable Materials For Refuse, Green Waste, Recyclable Item, And Recyclable Glass Collection By Service Provider
9.08.100: Special Waste Materials Requiring Special Preparation
9.08.110: Materials Not Collected By Service Provider
9.08.115: Compliance With And Enforcement Of Refuse, Recycling, Glass Recycling, And Green Waste Collection Service Laws
9.08.120: "No Dumping" Signs
9.08.130: Unauthorized Collection
9.08.140: Damaging Containers
9.08.145: Unlawful To Place Or Deposit On Streets, Premises, Or Lots
9.08.150: Reserved
9.08.160: Vehicles Standing On Street Prohibited When
9.08.170: Befouling Gutters And Ditches Prohibited
9.08.180: Polluting Water With Animals Or Fowl Prohibited
9.08.185: Removal Of Dead Animals And Condemned Food By Contract
9.08.190: Spilling Solid Or Liquid Waste Or Recyclable Items On Streets Unlawful
9.08.200: Multi-Family And Nonresidential Solid Waste And Recycling Services