A.   This section shall apply only to collections made by a service provider. If any container that does not conform to the provisions of this section is set out for collection, the service provider shall have the authority to deny collection service for such container. Any container not meeting the requirements of this section will be tagged by the service provider and shall not be used again, but shall promptly be replaced by the user thereof.
   B.   Containers shall meet the following specifications:
      1.   Automated refuse, green waste, and recycling containers shall be made available by the city, and automated glass recycling containers shall be made available by the city's glass recycling provider, and shall be made from durable plastic with a close fitting lid and shall be designed for collection by automated refuse, green waste, and recycling collection vehicles. These containers shall be of such durability that they will be warranted for a minimum of ten (10) years of normal use.
      2.   The property owner or manager is responsible to keep containers provided by the service provider in good sanitary condition. (Ord. 72-15, 2015)