A.   All haulers of refuse, recyclable items, or green waste, including service providers, shall, immediately upon emptying automated containers or receptacles, replace the cover thereon and set such automated containers or receptacles in an upright position. All haulers, including service providers, shall exercise reasonable care in the handling of refuse, recyclable items, recyclable glass and green waste, and the automated containers or receptacles containing the same.
   B.   It is unlawful for any person to wilfully break, deface, or injure any container or receptacle used to contain refuse, recyclable items, recyclable glass or green waste, or to do or permit anything to be done in connection with such automated containers or receptacles or the contents thereof that shall be offensive or filthy in relation to any person, place, building, premises, or highway.
   C.   Damage to automated refuse, green waste, or recycling containers caused by placing more than one hundred sixty (160) pounds of material in an automated forty (40) gallon container, two hundred (200) pounds of material in an automated sixty (60) gallon container, or three hundred (300) pounds of material in an automated ninety (90) gallon container; or caused by hot materials, corrosive materials, or any other solid waste, material, or substance that cuts, melts, or ignites the container or other materials shall be paid for by the property owner to whom the automated container is assigned at the cost of the automated container plus the service fee shown on the Salt Lake City consolidated fee schedule for each damaged automated container removed. A police case number will be required on all cases of stolen automated containers before such automated container shall be replaced. Missing automated containers replaced without a police case number shall be charged at the city's cost. If a stolen automated container is subsequently recovered, the cost of the replacement automated container shall be credited to the property owner's account. (Ord. 72-15, 2015)