Rabies Control
   91.01   Vaccination required
   91.02   Dogs and cats brought into county
   91.03   Dog licenses
   91.04   Tax evidencing validation
   91.05   Reporting of animal bites
   91.06   Confinement or destruction of dogs and cats suspected of rabies
   91.07   Confinement of biting animals
   91.08   Confinement or destruction of dogs or cats bitten by rabid animals
   91.09   Impoundments of unvaccinated dogs and cats
   91.10   Humane destruction of animals
   91.11   Concealing or withholding an animal
   91.12   Emergency declaration of quarantine
   91.13   Transportation, harboring, and sale of foxes, skunks, and raccoons prohibited
Dogs; Running at Large and Rabies
   91.25   Running at large unlawful
   91.26   Seizure and impoundment
   91.27   Suspicion of rabid animal
   91.28   Owner of dog who has bitten a person or persons
   91.29   Rabid animal killed; suspicion or knowledge of rabid animal
   91.30   Animal bitten by rabid animal or animal suspected of being rabid; destruction
   91.31   Confinement; pound
   91.32   Enforcement; collection of fines
Dogs; General Provisions and Regulations
   91.45   Authority for Dog Warden
   91.46   Definitions
   91.47   Amount of licenses
   91.48   When license tax payable
   91.49   Payment of license tax subsequent to summons
   91.50   The effect of a dog not wearing collar as evidence
   91.51   How to obtain license
   91.52   What a dog license shall consist of
   91.53   Duplicate license tags
   91.54   Displaying receipts; dogs to wear tags
   91.55   Regulating kennel dogs
   91.56   Licensed dogs deemed personal property
   91.57   Dogs killing or injuring sheep or other livestock or poultry
   91.58   Killing unlicensed dogs
   91.59   Disposal of dead dogs
   91.60   Other unlawful acts
   91.99   Penalty