For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   DOG WARDEN.  Any Dog Warden and/or any Deputy Dog Warden appointed under this subchapter and in accordance with VA Code § 29-184.2, as amended.
   KENNEL.  An enclosure wherein dogs are kept and from which they cannot escape.
   LIVESTOCK.  Includes horses, mules, ponies, cattle, sheep, goats, swine and enclosed domesticated rabbits or hares.
   OTHER OFFICERS.  Includes all other persons employed or elected by the people of Virginia or by any municipality, county or incorporated town thereof whose duty it is to preserve the peace, to make arrest , or to enforce the law within the jurisdiction of the respective offices to which elected or in which employed.
   OWN and OWNER.  Includes any person having a right of property in a dog; any person who deeps or harbors a dog or has it in his or her care, or who acts as its custodian; any person who permits a dog to remain on or about any premises occupied by him or her.
   POULTRY.  All domestic fowl and game birds raised in captivity.
   TREASURER.  Includes the treasurer of this county or other officer designated by law to collect taxes in this county.
(Ord. passed 5-10-1962)