(A)   Any dog not confined to its owner's or custodian's premises shall be seized and impounded in the County Pound for not more than ten days.  Any dog so seized and impounded may be redeemed by the owner or custodian of such dog at any time within ten days after its impoundment, upon payment of $.50 per day for board of such dog.  The board fees shall be paid to the County Treasurer and the receipt for said fee presented at the pound for the dog's release, provided, however, that in the meantime such dog has not been declared by a licensed veterinarian to be rabid, or suspected of being rabid.  If rabid, or suspected of being rabid, the dog shall be held for further observation, or destroyed, at the discretion of a licensed veterinarian, after due consideration of the facts in the case.  Any dogs which are not redeemed within ten days from the date of their seizure shall be destroyed or sold, and any money derived from the sale of such dogs shall be deposited in the County Levy Fund.  Provided, however, that any person reclaiming any dog seized and impounded as heretofore provided for violations of §§ 91.25 and 91.26.
   (B)   The provisions of this subchapter shall be enforced by all police officers of the county, the County Game Warden or County Game Wardens and any other peace officers who have authority and jurisdiction to enforce county ordinances, the Health Office and Sanitation Officers, the pound master, and any other person particularly designated by the Board of Supervisors to enforce the same.
(Ord. passed 2-27-1950)