The owner or custodian of any animal that is rabid, or suspected of being rabid, shall immediately notify the County Police Department of such fact or suspicion, and if the animal is a dog it shall be surrendered to one of the persons charged with the enforcement of this subchapter for impoundment in the County Pound, or if the owner or custodian of such dog is willing to pay the costs thereof, such dog may be impounded by a licensed veterinarian and observed by said licensed veterinarian.  In either case, the impoundment shall be for such period as is deemed necessary to establish a diagnosis, but under no circumstances shall the dog be held and observed less than 14 days, and if at the end of observation for at least 14 days, and upon examination by a licensed veterinarian the dog is still living and shows no symptoms of having rabies, it may be released to its owner or custodian.  In the event such dog has been held in the County Pound, there shall be no fees charged the owner or custodian of such dog, but all expenses of impoundment and observation by a licensed veterinarian or veterinary hospital shall be borne by the owner or custodian of such impounded dog.  In the case of animals other than dogs that are rabid, or suspected of being rabid, observation of such animals shall be in the manner prescribed by the County Health Officer.
(Ord. passed 2-27-1950)