It shall be the duty of the Dog Warden to kill any dog of unknown ownership found running at large on which license tax has not been paid, and to hold such dog for a period of five days during which time the Dog Warden shall attempt to establish the ownership of such dog.  If after five days the ownership has not been established nor the dog claimed and the license tax paid, the Dog Warden shall kill such dog; provided that the Dog Warden may deliver such dog to any person in this county who will pay the required license fee on such dog, with the understanding that should the legal owner thereafter claim the dog and prove his or her ownership, he or she may recover such dog by paying to the person to whom it was delivered by the Dog Warden, the amount of the license fee paid by him or her and a reasonable charge for the keep of the dog while in his or her possession.  Any person, Dog Warden, or other officer killing a dog under this subchapter shall burn or bury the same.
(Ord. passed 5-10-1962)