Sanitary Sewer Regulations
925.01   Component parts of the system.
925.02   Plumbing and sewer building; license required.
925.03   Plumbing and sewer building; notice and plans.
925.04   Plumbers and sewer builders; responsibility for work; bond.
925.05   House connections; permit required.
925.06   Permit fees in the case of assessed sewers.
925.07   Contents of permit.
925.08   Separate permit required for each connection.
925.09   Records of Department of Engineering.
925.10   Tapping charges.
925.11   Trench bracing.
925.12   Proximity of drain pipe to water pipe at crossings; protection of water pipes.
925.13   Protection of water and gas pipes generally.
925.14   Line, depth and grade of connections.
925.15   Materials specifications; pipe and joints.
925.16   Connections where no "Y" has been placed.
925.17   Supervision of cutting or breaking into sewers.
925.18   Connections of lead with iron pipe.
925.19   Extensions of soil, waste or vent pipes.
925.20   Removal of cover of "Y" branch; attachment of first length to "Y" branch.
925.21   Inspection by Board of Health.
925.22   Uninspected pipes; remedy by Board of Health.
925.23   Failure to comply; remedy by Department of  Engineering.
925.24   Use of cesspools, vaults prohibited where sewers available.
925.25   Connection of private sewers; approval required.
925.26   Sealing of unconnected private sewers.
925.27   Strainers on exits from plumbing facilities.
925.28   Obstruction of connections and drains.
925.29   Connection of roof water, cistern overflow with sewer.
925.30   Connection of steam exhaust, blowoff pipe with sewer.
925.31   Connection of subsoil drains from cellars with sewer.
925.32   Access to facilities; responsibility of Commissioner of Health.
925.99   Penalty.
Sewer, water and other connections - see CHTR. Sec. 110
Compulsory sewer connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.06; S.U. & P.S. 903.08
Management and control of sewerage system - see Ohio R.C. 729.50
Regulations to control house sewers and connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.51
Sewers generally - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 921
Sanitary sewerage charges - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 927