The price to be charged for tapping the sanitary sewers of the City for various purposes shall be determined and established as follows:
   (a)   For a building used only as a single family residence or dwelling unit  $  100.00
   (b)   For a building containing several dwelling units,
      known as apartments, as follows:
      (1)   For the first apartment or dwelling unit      100.00
      (2)   For each additional apartment or dwelling
             unit therein                    20.00
   (c)   For a one-floor or two-floor building used only as
          one residence, or dwelling unit, and one
          business                     180.00
   (d)   For a building used only as a hotel or motel
          as follows:
      (1)   For hotels and motels occupying one floor
             therein                  200.00
      (2)   For each additional floor therein         100.00
      (3)   For each restaurant therein            200.00
   (e)   For a building used only as a boarding house      180.00
   (f)   For a building used only as a restaurant         200.00
   (g)   For a building used only as a factory         300.00
   (h)   For a building occupied by offices and
          businesses as follows:
         (1)   For the first floor occupied therein   $  140.00
         (2)   For each additional floor therein   100.00
   (i)   For trailers, as follows:
         (1)   For first trailer in trailer court   100.00
         (2)   Plus for each additional trailer   20.00
   (j)   For schools, as follows:
         (1)   For a single floor school house   200.00
         (2)   For each additional floor   100.00
   (k)   For churches, regular fee      100.00
   (l)   For any building or property not included in the foregoing classifications, Council may determine the fee to be paid upon application for the permit.
   (m)   The fee must, in all cases, be paid when the permit is  granted, and the person, on securing the permit, shall pay all the expense of making the connections,  and keep the same in repair.
      (Ord. 1991-93.  Passed 8-13-91.)