36.001   Fees for services of Finance Department for furnishing information regarding delinquent liens and other unpaid charges
   36.002   Fire and casualty companies
   36.003   Casualty insurance
   36.004   Public utilities
   36.010   Payments on public improvement and public works contracts
   36.011   Reports of auditor
   36.012   Annual budget
   36.013   Budget amount raised by property tax
   36.014   Budget message and composition
   36.015   Anticipated revenues
   36.016   Surplus; unexpended appropriations
   36.017   (Reserved)
   36.018   (Reserved)
   36.019   Budget amendment
   36.020   City depositories
City Funds
   36.032   Insurance services fund
   36.033   Special purpose accounts
   36.034   (Reserved)
   36.035   Capital improvement fund
   36.036   Park acquisition and improvement fund
City Bonds
   36.040   Application of state law
   36.041   Form of bonds
   36.042   Registered or coupon bonds
   36.043   Recital of compliance
   36.044   Number of improvements
   36.045   Advertising for bids
   36.046   Issuance of bonds
   36.047   Fiscal agent
   36.048   Refunding bonds
   36.049   Terms of refunding bonds
   36.050   Validity of refunding bonds
   36.051   Sale or exchange of refunding bonds
   36.052   Revenue bonds, certificates
   36.053   City powers and duties as to revenue bonds or certificates
   36.054   Default of revenue bonds
   36.055   Authority for issuance of revenue bonds
   36.056   Revenue bond debt limit
   36.057   Anticipation time warrants
Special Assessments
   36.065   Authority to offset improvement costs
   36.066   Resolution of necessity
   36.067   Objections to improvements
   36.068   Claims arising out of improvements
   36.069   Resolution to proceed
   36.070   Bids on public improvements
   36.071   Cost of improvements
   36.072   Methods of making special assessments
   36.073   Assessment roll; notice
   36.074   Assessments against political subdivisions
   36.075   Hearing; confirmation of assessment list
   36.076   Setting aside special assessments
   36.077   Contesting of legality
   36.078   Method of collection
   36.079   Lien docket
   36.080   Authority to create special assessment revolving fund
   36.081   Assignment, foreclosure of assessment liens
   36.082   Foreclosure by city
   36.083   Engineering, legal, and clerical fees
   36.090   Additional homestead exemption
   Charter provisions concerning taxation and finance, see Charter Articles XIV through XX
   City Commission as trustee of sinking funds, see § 30.06