For the purpose of obtaining the money to construct sanitary sewerage mains, pumping stations, laterals, storm sewers, and other drains and sewers, and necessary appurtenances thereto, and for extending the waterworks system into new territory by the construction of additional water mains, pumps, and the like and the laying or relaying of them, together with the necessary appurtenances thereto, either inside or outside the corporate limits, or partly inside and partly outside, and all other improvements authorized by F.S. § 170.01 as currently enacted and as may be amended from time to time, the city shall have the power to issue certificates of indebtedness or revenue bonds or certificates, payable solely from the income derived from the operation of the utility, or, where utilities are operated jointly or supplement each other, from the revenue derived from the operation of both utilities, or of either utility. Property specially benefited by the installation of a sewerage system or the extension of the waterworks system, or both, or other permitted improvements set forth in F.S. § 170.01, may be specially assessed for the cost of the extension, enlargement, or improvements, either wholly or in part, by the levying of special assessment liens, it being recognized as a power of the city in its proprietary capacity to levy special assessments against property specifically benefited by the installation of sanitary sewerage system or extension of the waterworks system, or both, or other permitted improvements as set forth in F.S. § 170.01, in order to repay monies obtained by the issuance of revenue bonds or certificates. The monies collected from the special assessment liens shall be used to pay off and discharge any certificates of indebtedness, revenue bonds, or certificates issued to obtain money with which to make the improvements. The provisions of this section regarding revenue bonds shall be additional, supplemental, and alternate to the provisions in §§ 36.052 through 36.057, and nothing contained herein shall prevent the financing of any improvement authorized in this subchapter or any other law by the methods outlined in §§ 36.052 through 36.057.
(Special Acts, Ch. 57-1754, § 184; Ch. 61-2711, § 7; Ch. 61-2712, § 29) ('58 Code, § 45.131) (Am. Ord. 94-57, passed 7-26-94)
Editor's note:
   Sections 36.065 through 36.082 are composed of provisions previously set out as sections 184 through 202 of the Charter. The transfer of these sections was at the specific request of the city, pursuant to the Municipal Home Rule Powers Act.