(A)   At a regular or special meeting within the 30-day period next following the receipt of each annual audit report or any interim audit report, the City Manager shall submit the report to the City Commission in its final written form, which shall also become a part of the public record. At that time, the City Manager shall also submit a written report to the City Commission which shall also become a part of the public record, as to what action he has taken to follow the Auditor's recommendations or state his reasons for not acting. The report shall also include the City Attorney's reply to any questions referred to him respecting any of the auditor's recommendations and the action taken. The independent auditor shall make his written report on any interim audit within two weeks of the completion of each audit. This procedure shall be an agenda item.
   (B)   Copies of the Auditor's reports together with a copy of the City Manager's comments shall be made available to the public and the press upon request. Copies of all Auditor's reports with supporting comments of the City Manager shall be retained in the city's files for verification by the auditors for the ensuing year in order to determine the authenticity and effectiveness of the steps taken by the city administration.
('58 Code, § 2.07.4) (Ord. 76-53, passed 5-18-76; Am. Ord. 86-61, passed 5-13-86)