The City Commission shall have the power to pay out of its general fund, or out of any special fund that may be provided for the purpose, the portion of the cost of the proposed improvement as it may deem to be the proper portion to be borne by the city. Interest accrued while an improvement is under construction, and for six months thereafter, shall be deemed part of the cost of the improvement. All engineering and inspection costs, legal and advertising costs, including a proper proportion of the compensation, salaries, and expenses of the engineering staff, properly chargeable to any improvement, shall be deemed a part of the cost of the improvement. When revenue bonds or certificates are issued in order to obtain money with which to make the improvement, all cost and estimated cost incurred in issuing the revenue bonds or certificates and obtaining the funds shall be deemed a part of the cost of the improvement. When local improvements are made by city employees, all legal charges, advertising cost, engineering cost, payroll, materials, equipment rental at the prevailing rates, plus not more than 15% of the total of payroll, material, and equipment rental cost for general overhead expense, may be included in the cost of the improvement. When the improvement has been completed, the City Commission shall ascertain and determine the total cost of the improvement.
(Special Acts, Ch. 57-1754, § 190) ('58 Code, § 45.137)