(A)   There is hereby assessed, imposed, and levied on every insurance company, corporation, or other insurer now engaging in or carrying on, or which shall hereafter engage in or carry on the business of insuring with respect to casualty risks, as shown by the records of the state Insurance Commissioner, an excise or license tax in addition to any license tax or excise tax now levied by the city, which shall be in the amount of 1% of the gross amount of receipts of premiums from policy holders on all premiums collected on casualty insurance polices, covering property within the corporate limits of the city.
('58 Code, § 45.07)
   (B)   The license or excise tax levied by subsection (A) above shall be due and payable annually on June 1 of each year hereafter.
('58 Code, § 45.08)
(Ord. 667, passed 9-10-57)
   (C)   All profits derived from the tax imposed by this section are hereby appropriated to the City Police Department Pension and Relief Fund, as authorized by F.S. Chapter 185.
('58 Code, § 45.09)
   Fire and Casualty companies, see § 36.002