General Provisions
   32.01   Term restrictions
   32.02   Public organization meeting attendance policy; misconduct
Board of Zoning Adjustment
   32.05   Establishment
Joint Airport Board
   32.10   Establishment
   32.11   Membership; terms
   32.12   Compensation
   32.13   Powers and duties; meetings
Joint Planning Commission
   32.25   Establishment of Commission
   32.26   Jurisdiction
   32.27   Appointment of members; terms and vacancies
   32.28   Oath of office
   32.29   Removal
   32.30   Officers and staff
   32.31   Meetings; quorum
Tourism and Convention Commission
   32.40   Establishment
   32.41   Membership; terms
   32.42   Officers and employees
   32.43   Audits
Technical Advisory Committee
   32.50   Establishment; membership; terms; compensation; powers and duties
Pikeville Historic Preservation Board
   32.65   Establishment
Tree Board
   32.80   Establishment
Board of Ethics
   32.130   Establishment
Industrial Development Economic Authority Board
   32.150   Establishment; title; purpose
   32.151   Membership
   32.152   Powers and duties; meetings
Housing Authority Board
   32.160   Purposes; powers
   32.161   City Housing Authority
   32.162   Qualifications and terms of members
   32.163   Corporate powers officers
   32.164   Compensation of members and officers
   32.165   Employees
   32.166   Member or employee not to be interested in project
   32.167   Removal of member for incompetency, neglect or malfeasance
Main Street Board of Directors
   32.170   Establishment; membership; terms; meetings
Vacant Property Review Commission
   32.180   Establishment
   32.181   Membership
   32.182   Definitions
   32.183   Certification of property as blighted
   32.184   Eminent domain
   32.185   Conflicts of interest
Pikeville/Pike County Museum
   32.190   Formation; authorization
   32.191   Purpose; objectives
   32.192   Membership; terms; appointing authority
   32.193   Officers
   32.194   Meetings of the Board
   32.195   Fiscal year and financial reporting
   32.196   Bylaws and amendments
   32.197   Dissolution
Hillbilly Days Board of Directors
   32.210   Establishment; purpose; membership; powers and duties
East Kentucky Exposition Corporation
   32.220   Establishment
   32.221   Board of Directors
   32.222   Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center Corporation
   32.223   Power of Board - Executive Director
   32.224   Powers and duties of corporation
Economic and Industrial Development Authority Corporation
   32.230   Establishment and purpose
   32.231   Directors/members of the Corporation
   32.232   Compensation and duties of members
   32.233   Appropriations
   32.234   Powers
   32.235   Dissolution
   Appendix A:   Terms; Membership; Appointments; Meetings