General Provisions
   157.001   Title
   157.002   Intent and purpose
   157.003   Rules of construction
   157.004   Definitions
   157.005   Interpretation
   157.006   Separability
   157.007   Scope of regulations
   157.008   Use and bulk regulations
   157.009   Lot coverage
   157.010   Home occupations
   157.011   Lot area and dimension
   157.012   Access to public streets
   157.013   Number of buildings on a zoning lot
   157.014   Rezoning of public and semi-public areas
   157.015   Accessory buildings
   157.016   Temporary buildings
   157.017   Performance standards
   157.018   Existing special uses
   157.019   Uses not specifically permitted in district
   157.020   Satellite receiving antenna
   157.021   Regulations for family and group care facilities
   157.022   Temporary storage units
   157.023   Adult-use cannabis business establishments, medical cannabis cultivation centers and medical cannabis dispensing organizations
Nonconforming Buildings and Uses
   157.030   Continuance of use
   157.031   Discontinuance of use
   157.032   Reserved
   157.033   Nonconforming lots of record
   157.034   Termination and removal of nonconforming uses, buildings and structures
   157.035   Repairs and alterations
   157.036   Damage and destruction
   157.037   Additions and enlargements
   157.038   Use district changes
   157.039   Exempted buildings, structures, lots and uses
   157.040   Conversion to special use
   157.050   Districts
   157.051   Maps
   157.052   District boundaries
   157.053   Zoning of public ways
   157.054   Annexation
Residence Districts
   157.065   R-1 One-family Residence District
   157.066   R-2 One-family Residence District
   157.067   R-3 One-family Residence District
   157.068   R-4 General Residence District
   157.069   ER Estate Residential District
Business District
   157.080   B-1 Retail Business District
   157.081   B-2 Retail and Service District
   157.082   B-3 Auto-oriented and Service Business District
"O" Office District
   157.095   "O" Office District
Industrial District
   157.105   I-1 Limited Industrial District
   157.106   I-2 General Industrial District
"P" Public District
   157.120   "P" Public District
Performance Standards
   157.130   Jurisdiction
   157.131   Noise
   157.132   Vibration
   157.133   Smoke and particulate matter
   157.134   Toxic or noxious matter
   157.135   Odorous matter
   157.136   Fire and explosion hazard
   157.137   Glare and heat
   157.138   Radiation hazards
   157.139   Water pollution
Off-Street Parking and Loading
   157.150   Purpose
   157.151   General provisions - parking and loading
   157.152   Additional regulations - parking
   157.153   Location of accessory off - street parking facilities
   157.154   Schedule of parking requirements
   157.155   Additional regulations - off-street loading
   157.156   Schedule of loading requirements
   157.180   General provisions
   157.181   Administrative officer
   157.182   Occupancy certificate
   157.183   Certificate for continued occupancy of nonconforming uses
   157.184   Zoning Board of Appeals
   157.185   Appeals
   157.186   Variations
   157.187   Plan Commission
   157.188   Amendments
   157.189   Special uses
   157.190   Planned unit development
   157.191   Changes and modifications of the planned unit development after approval of the final plan
   157.192   Standards
   157.193   Fees, charges and expenses
   157.194   Special consultants review escrow
Adult Uses
   157.220   Adult uses
   157.221   Purpose and intent
   157.222   Definitions
   157.223   Establishment and classification of businesses regulated
   157.224   Injunction
   157.225   Permit required
   157.226   Adult use affidavit
   157.227   Investigation and application
   157.228   Issuance of permit or license
   157.229   Annual permit fee
   157.230   Inspection
   157.231   Expiration of permit
   157.232   Suspension of permit
   157.233   Revocation of permit
   157.234   Review of permit denial, suspension or revocation
   157.235   Transfer of permit
   157.236   Sexually oriented business employee license
   157.237   Regulations pertaining to exhibition of sexually explicit films or videos in video booths
   157.238   Prohibitions regarding minors and sexually oriented businesses
   157.239   Advertising regulations, signs and premises lighting requirements
   157.240   Hours of operation
   157.241   Nudity at sexually oriented businesses not offering for sale alcoholic beverages subject to prohibition pursuant to the U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Barnes v. Glen Theater Inc.
   157.242   Additional prohibitions for the operation of a sexually oriented business without a valid permit
   157.243   Exemptions
   157.244   Penalties and additional legal, equitable and injunctive relief
   157.245   Immunity from prosecution
   157.246   Prohibition of distribution of sexual devices
   157.247   Conduct of employees and patrons
   157.248   Tips
   157.249   Performance location
   157.250   All areas must be open
   157.251   Non-sexually oriented businesses engaging in the sale or rental of adult books, magazines, videos, and the like
   157.999   Penalty
   Appendix:   Illustrations and Diagrams