156.01   Definitions
   156.02   Location permitted; necessity of license to construct, maintain, mobile home park, expiration of license
   156.03   Application for permit; contents; fee
   156.04   Application for permit to alter a licensed mobile home park; plans and specifications
   156.05   Application to reduce number of licensed sites
   156.06   Relicensing
   156.07   Issuance of permit
   156.08   Examination of permit application
   156.09   Inspection by Zoning Administrator; issuance of license
   156.10   Certification of zoning by the zoning board of appeals
   156.11   License fees
   156.12   Revocation or suspension of license; notice
   156.13   Necessity of permit for construction of mobile home park; display of permits and licenses; transfer of license
   156.14   Operation of mobile home parks
   156.15   Manager
   156.16   Drainage; waste water
   156.17   Minimum sites; access
   156.18   Water supply
   156.19   Sewage and water carried wastes
   156.20   Sewer connections for each mobile home
   156.21   Garbage storage and disposal
   156.22   Insect and rodent control
   156.23   Fire extinguisher; inspection
   156.24   Porches, carports, garages, sheds, awnings, skirting and auxiliary rooms
   156.25   Streets; dust control
   156.26   Sanitary, electrical and safety appliances; repair; willful or malicious damage to appliances; person failing to campy with act
   156.27   Electrical outlets
   156.28   Dependent mobile homes and other vehicles not permitted in mobile home park
   156.29   Community kitchens; sanitary condition; good repair
   156.30   Buildings; accord with municipal or county ordinances and rules and regulations of department
   156.31   Applications on file; forms and blanks
   156.32   Records of mobile home parks; health rules and regulations; copies to licensees; posting
   156.33   Register
   156.34   Rules of construction
   156.35   Grandfather clause
   156.36   Disclosure of the manufacture of methamphetamine in a mobile home
   156.99   Penalty