8-2-1: Purpose
8-2-2: Definitions
8-2-3: Connection To Sanitary Sewer Required; Costs Assessed
8-2-4: Unpolluted Water Prohibited From Sanitary Sewer
8-2-5: Unpolluted Water Discharged To Storm Drain
8-2-6: Prohibited Discharges
8-2-7: Approval Required For Wastewater Discharge
8-2-8: Refusal Of Use Of Sewer System
8-2-9: Independent Sewer Service Line Required
8-2-10: Existing Branch Service Lines
8-2-11: Sewer Service Line Maintenance
8-2-12: Injury To Or Tampering With System Unlawful
8-2-13: Grease Traps Required
8-2-14: Interceptor Or Removal Facilities Required
8-2-15: Duties Of Superintendent Regarding Side Sewers
8-2-16: Connection Permit Required
8-2-17: Excavation Permit Required
8-2-18: Side Sewer Extension Or Repair Permit Required
8-2-19: Installation And Maintenance Of Sewer Service Line
8-2-20: Right To Revoke Permission
8-2-21: Sewer Construction Plans, Specifications And Inspection
8-2-22: Right To Enter Premises For Inspection
8-2-23: Industrial Wastes
8-2-24: Special Agreements
8-2-25: Extension Of Sewer Mains Within City Service Area
8-2-26: Extension Of Sewer Service In Contiguous Areas
8-2-27: Extension Of Sewer Lines Outside City Service Area
8-2-28: System Of Charges
8-2-29: Sewer Connection Fees
8-2-30: Service Call Charge
8-2-31: Flow Charge Variations
8-2-32: Monthly Schedule Of Rates
8-2-33: Meter Service
8-2-34: Delinquent Accounts; Discontinuance And Restoration Fee
8-2-35: Sewer System Materials And Installations
8-2-36: Sewer System Design
8-2-37: As Built Drawings And Engineer's Certification
8-2-38: Responsibility For Sewer Lines
8-2-39: Responsibility For Sewage Lift Stations
8-2-40: Citation Issuance; Appearance Required
8-2-41: Failure To Appear
8-2-42: Penalty
8-2-43: Amendment Of Sewer Rates, Fees Schedules And Charges